Presenting our 2011 ARTvision Gallery of Artists

Time to go shopping! What follows below is a category-specific list of our artists and pieces. We'll be updating this page throughout the weekend, so please check back for additional entries. Remember, reserve your favorites today ahead of the 2011 holiday season. (Last updated: Sunday, 6 December 2011)

On Sale & Updates!

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please contact us if you find an error or a broken link, or if you want to inquire about a specific piece. Enjoy!

Christopher Makos (books & photography)
Through a generous donation from Barb Shadomy & Karen Meyer, we offer a signed copy of "Lady Warhol" by Christopher Makos. (read more)
Mary Pollock (calligraphy, drawing)
Mary Pollock contributes her calligraphy to the first-ever "quad collaboration" of "'Tis of Thee," a poem by Brenda Knosher; photo by Will Pollock; published on AlexisCoram's website, (read more)
Ginny Sykes (drawing)
Ginny Sykes brings her drawing to ARTvision for the first time with “Caterina dei Vigri,” a custom-framed, colored line drawing from one of her exhibitions. (read more) *SOLD!*
After successful ARTvision sales in the past, Alexis Vear returns with a stunning necklace. Details to follow shortly!
Brenda Knosher (painting & mixed-media)
Brenda returns to ARTvision with "Undone," another beautifully complex, mixed-media piece; Brenda also contributed her prose to "'Tis of Thee." (read more)
Brenda McMillen (painting & mixed-media)
Brenda McMillen returns for her sixth-straight ARTvision - one of a handful of artists to exhibit all six years - with another in her "Heart" series. (read more)
Jon Arge (mixed-media)
Award-winning artist Jon Arge has donated a number of framed images from his "Wigwood" collection. (read more)
Randy Chumbley (painting)
Author and artist Randy Chumbley joins ARTvision with "Fast Forward," a stunning, imposing abstract painting on board. (read more)
Pat Floyd (painting)
Pat Floyd joins ARTvision through a connection from Barb Shadomy with two great nature and landscape paintings. (read more)
Scott Kellner (painting)
Painter and artist Scott Kellner was connected to ARTvision through friend and previous donor Jim Sacco, and offers an exclusive watercolor painting entitled, "Dance."
Delia Cochran (photography)
Delia follows her debut in 2010 with "Between Chords" and "Reaching through Tears," both from her travels abroad. (read more)
Vicky Croisant (photography)
Akron zookeeper Vicky Croisant shares her terrific animal photography with us in two great images, "Standing Strong" and "Cruisin' the Pool." (read more)
Vibecke Dahle (photography)
Vibecke returns to ARTvision with "Memories," another terrific image - this time an abstracted, meditative piece of a hand around shells. (read more)
Terry Greene (photography)
First-time ARTvision artist Terry Greene is showing her uber-funky, custom-framed "Wigs" that she shot with a Toy camera. (read more)
Dean Ignacio (photography)
First-time exhibiting photographer Dean Ignacio has donated three original images from San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair. (read more)
Christopher Makos (books & photography)
This year, we are lucky to be offering an original (donated by Barb Shadomy & Karen Meyer) from Christopher Makos' historic, "Altered Images" photo shoot with the late Andy Warhol. (read more)
Jason Maynard (photography)
After two sales last year, Jason Maynard returns with a stunning image entitled "Great Mystery," in a silver-leaf frame. (read more)
Greg Masterson (photography)
Greg Masterson will re-issue "I-75 Southbound" from 2010, which is a fresh twist on an old Atlanta annoyance. (read more)
Julia Murney (photography)
Broadway sensation Julia Murney returns to ARTvision with "Lulu's Bubbles," "Kauai Chicken" and "I'd Rather be Sailing." (read more)
Will Pollock (photography & mixed-media)
ARTvision director Will Pollock is offering a number of photography and mixed-media pieces this year, including "Madaket Sun" and "Hendrix Bloom." (read more)
AlexisCoram (photography & mixed-media)
Chicagoan AlexisCoram joins ARTvision with two photography-based, mixed-media pieces, in addition to facilitating the creation of "'Tis of Thee," through her website, (read more)
Todd Wiggins (photography)
Traveler extraordinaire Todd Wiggins sets the bar high with his first ARTvision entry, "Presence." (read more)