Need Framing Expertise? ARTvision Fans Look No Further

If the image is the heart and soul of a presented, exhibited piece, then the framing is its spine and skeleton. This year, ARTvision Artists have dipped into unprecedented resources to make their pieces a reality. Here are some highlights:

  • JD Isaacs, himself a returning ARTvision Artist this year with “What Dreams May Come,” has worked hard on a number of pieces, including Dean Ignacio’s stunning Folsom series.

  • Todd Wiggins’ “Presence” was set and floated in a wood frame by Antonio Raimo Galleries, located in Atlanta’s Miami Circle area of shops and galleries.

  • Walt Woodall at Metro Gallery and Framing has worked on Mary Pollock’s “Bird in Hand,” and donated full framing services for the quad collaboration of “’Tis of Thee.”

  • When in a bind to find a suitable frame for Julia Murney’s “Lulu’s Bubbles” (BTW, bidding is still active on eBay as of this writing), we found the perfect solution at The Framers on Peachtree. They have a great selection of stock frames for good prices.

  • For the first time, we’ve used for a few of our items. Both frames for “Nomad” by Will Pollock and “Palm Lagoon” by Gordon Stuedler were sourced here, and finished up by Walt at Metro. Highly recommended with a large selection.

Make sure to patronize these establishments and report back with good experiences so we can share them.