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(Monday 27 August 2012 :: ATLANTA) After the
announcement of season seven for ARTvision Atlanta, "Uncharted: Travel to Enchanted Lands", fund-raising for Positive Impact officially starts after the Labor Day weekend. And we’re in need of re-signing existing sponsors, finding new companies and people, and finding a suitable gallery to house our even in early December.

In other words,
we want you!

ARTvision presents a unique opportunity for an Atlanta-area gallery to give back to the community and allow some great works to be shown by national and international artists. From Zurich to California and New York to Denmark, we display works from all over the world that fit the year's theme. We want these pieces to shine in the best light possible.

What can you do to support Positive Impact through ARTvision?

  • Host us. Gallery owners can become event sponsors through in-kind or discounted space-rental donations. This offers targeted exposure to either established or up-and-coming galleries looking to connect with charitable-minded folks in and around Atlanta. Contact us today to find out more.

  • Sponsor/support our artists. Our artists give freely of their work for the full benefit of Positive Impact. (read more) For our sponsors, we pull out all stops to make sure ARTvision fans go out and support sponsoring businesses. We have a number of ways you can support Positive Impact and become a full-fledged sponsor - complete with a link on our website sidebar and all promotional/marketing materials.

In all three cases, you will be helping motivate art buyers to, in turn, become Positive Impact donors - and help the agency create much-needed funds for their many important programs. (

It’s also a great chance to be part of our exciting season-seven theme, “
Uncharted: Travel to Enchanted Lands” - a concept that celebrates far-flung, exotic destinations - both physical and emotional.

“This year you’ll see original works that challenge the consensus idea that travel is only a change of physical location,” says Will Pollock, ARTvision’s founding director and curator. “I am deeply proud of all that our artists have done, and will continue to do, when they accept this year’s theme as an artistic challenge.”

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Enchanted Portal” by Brenda Knosher

Two early photographic entries have helped provide inspiration for this year’s theme. Both “
Enchanted Portal” by longtime ARTvision artist Brenda Knosher and Will Pollock’s “Watercolor in Craggnauen” represent our theme’s physical and ethereal locales.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Watercolor in Craggnauen” by Will Pollock

According to Michael Baker, Director of Advancement for Positive Impact and staff liaison to ARTvision, the event will once again figure heavily in the agency’s fund-raising. “The evolution of ARTvision, thanks to Will's vision, has been incredible to watch unfold,” he says.

As always,
our great thanks go out to the many artists, volunteers, past sponsors and donor-buyers who make this event so vibrant each year. Please like us on Facebook, link to our official ARTvision Pinterest board and follow us on Twitter and use (#enchantedlands) as your hashtag.

Media inquiries:

Michael Baker, Director of Advancement, Positive Impact
michael.baker AT

Artist and donor questions:

Will Pollock, Director & Curator, ARTvision Atlanta
artvisiondirector AT, or visit

Founded in 2006, ARTvision Atlanta is an artists' collaborative that presents creative works across multiple platforms - mixed-media, photography, painting, music, books, sculpture and more - for the 100% benefit of Atlanta-based Positive Impact. (learn more)