What is ARTvision?

ARTvision Atlanta is an online and in-person celebration of the arts, representing offerings from emerging and established artists that create new funding and resources for our beneficiary, Lost-n-Found Youth. LNFY works to give homeless LGBTQ+ youth in Atlanta a fresh start and a new life.

ARTvision inspiration

Launched in 2006, ARTvision was conceived by Will Pollock to honor his aunt, Betsy Weedon, who was a philanthropic leader in San Francisco's Bay Area for more than 40 years. Betsy lost a battle with cancer in April 2006. According to Betsy’s sister and ARTvision Artist, Mary Pollock, Betsy had encyclopedic literature and gardening knowledge, in addition to a knack for art collecting.

“She loved the simple things,” Mary says. “She loved her friends devotedly, and if they were interested in something special, she was always there sending them information and bestowing relevant material upon them. She loved poetry and wrote beautiful poems herself. When she died, friends from her school contacted me to ask if I knew where some of her poems were, so that they could be printed in the alumni journal. Somewhere she found a great photograph of Spender, Isherwood and Auden, all smiles together, as young men; it is a very arresting, appealing picture, and she kept it on top of one of her bookcase.”

From Betsy’s
San Francisco Chronicle obituary: “Betsy was a remarkably intelligent individual who had a broad scope of knowledge, always able to expound on subjects ranging from English and Irish literature classics to mystery stories, esoteric texts, art, gardening and children's books. She possessed that rare quality of being able to listen intently to the people around her, thus helping them create a greater sense of themselves.” (read more)

ARTvision exists so that both our artists and those who LNF serves can gain a greater sense of life purpose and mission. Hence the tagline, “artists reaching through.”

10 years of ARTvision

In its inaugural year, ARTvision raised nearly $1,500 for the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission, a group working hard to defend the rights of marginalized gay men and women in developing countries and within oppressive cultures. We'd like to acknowledge Paula Ettelbrick, the group's former Executive Director, for her hard work and for championing ARTvision's inaugural year. Paula sadly lost a battle with cancer in 2011. Paula was one of our earliest supporters and she will be greatly missed.

In ARTvision’s second year, we raised nearly $3,000 for AIDS Survival Project. In addition to expanding our available purchases to music, Citabria Phillips, Betsy's niece, offered two of her paintings for sale - one of which ("Skirt," pictured here) sold to Barb Shadomy, owner of Stonehurst Place. Citabria's piece now hangs in "The Shag"'s Hinman Suite.

We have increased our fund-raising in each successive year, culminating in nearly $12,000 in 2010 alone. With more than $60,000 raised through ARTvision and related Pizza for Good events, we are hoping 2016 will again be a banner year.

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In 2014, Will Pollock wrote “Pizza for Good,” a blueprint for using America’s favorite food as an excellent, proven fund-raising force. The book tracks the rise of ARTvision out of Will’s Annual Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza on New Year’s Eve and how folks responded to a call to action. You can purchase the book as an enhanced-digital title or in print on Etsy—watch this whiteboard video that explains it all:

How does ARTvision stand apart?

ARTvision is unique because all artists present their pieces for your consideration as unfettered donations—without claim of deduction or compensation—so that buyers' direct, tax-deductible donations constitute purchases.

In years prior, ARTvision had culminated each year at Will’s annual
New Year’s Eve ARTvision & Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza, now in its 14th year. The enthusiasm of party attendees helped create ARTvision as it is today—complete with a vibrant, talented group of dedicated artists who regularly give of their time and artistry. This event was borne of the generosity and excitement from everyday people who want to make a difference, and our treasured artists reflect that.

Ongoing thanks to...

Craig Eister, an ARTvision 2006 buyer of "Miles Away," who has helped champion the event from its inception and worked so expertly with AIDS Survival Project during AV’s evolution.

All of our sponsors - past, present and future - for helping give buyers that added incentive.

To the local-Atlanta media for helping us get the world out and make ARTvision an established charity vehicle in the city, including the GA Voice, Project Q Atlanta, Fenuxe and many others.

To Michael Baker, Paul Plate, Michele Segr
é, Penny Frulla, Sean Mansfield, Jim Detmer, Rob O’Connor, Rachel “Rocky” Modena, Mary Quinn Templeton, Rick Westbrook and all of our other support folks: you make this event the best it can be, and all it will become in the future.

Most of all, to our artists and buyers who breathe life into this event and bring great attention to and for Positive Impact—we love you!

AV artist queries or purchase questions to
Will Pollock or Mary Quinn Templeton. Charity questions to Rick Westbrook, LNFY’s executive director.

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone for making ARTvision so successful.


“artists reaching through”